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Integrity Informatics, LLC is a Disabled Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned Small Business. We are a professional services and technology solutions provider specializing in informatics, workflow optimization, data management, data governance, and program/project management services.

Our main focus has been working with healthcare organizations to solve mission-critical challenges by providing services and technology solutions to improve quality and efficiency with the ultimate goal of improving the patient experience.

Our Culture and Values

Integrity Informatics was founded and built on the philosophy that Integrity is Everything. Individuals with Integrity are highly competent, capable, and can be relied upon to get the job done � and done well. Individuals with Integrity foster a positive outlook and are loyal, trustworthy, and caring. We put these concepts into action every day in the ways that we work, interact, and deliver results for our clients. We believe that our culture is not only a major contributor to our low attrition rate (less than 10%), but also to our 100% customer satisfaction rating. This culture is further manifested in our core values:

Openness and Collaboration

We interact with other employees and clients in a collaborative and productive manner to effectively accomplish project goals and resolve problems. We support one another regardless of our positions or level of seniority within the company.

Leveraging Strengths

We seek opportunities to put our strengths to work in service of our clients. We focus time and attention on developing individual strengths and areas of expertise. We are committed to developing leaders at all levels of the organization.

High Integrity and Ethics

We are trusted advisors for our clients. We present truthful information in an appropriate and helpful manner. We keep confidences, admit mistakes, and do not misrepresent ourselves or Integrity Informatics for personal or corporate gain. We meet commitments in the time frames agreed upon and to the standards at or above those which are expected.

Integrity Informatics provides exceptional competence, a culture of access, impeccable character and integrity, and an environment of collaboration with our clients.These values create an environment for employees to do work they truly care about, to make a difference, achieve their maximum potential, and, most of all, have fun. We are a people-centered culture, and invest in our staff as both individuals and business professionals.

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Integrity is Everything