Services and Solutions

Integrity Informatics, LLC is a professional services and technology solutions provider specializing in informatics, workflow optimization, data management, data governance, and program/project management services.

Our main focus has been working with healthcare organizations to solve mission-critical challenges by providing services and software solutions to improve quality and efficiency with the ultimate goal of improving the patient experience.

We are registered with the Federal Central Contract Registry (CCR).

Our Capabilities include....
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Informatics
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Clinical Workflow Optimization
  • Strategic and Advisory Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Program/Project Management and Governance
  • Full range of Software Development Lifecycle capabilities (SDLC)
  • Operations and Maintenance support
  • Database design, development and optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture design and delivery
  • What is Informatics?

    Informatics is the field of study which focuses on the use of technology for improving access to and utilization of information. ...

    Informatics is the study of application of computer and statistical techniques to the management of information.

    Its broad meaning is the science of processing data. Within health and social care, it is used to refer to the processing of data on patients and clients, normally - but by no means exclusively - through IT systems.

    Program and Project Management

    We have the certifications and experience needed to manage clients,programs and projects according to best practices and in compliance with relevant regulations.

    Data Management and Governance

    We help clients store and govern critical enterprise data. Worldwide, companies are recognizing that their data is a valuable asset. The most successful companies are able to access this data, both real-time and historically, in a consistent fashion. They also have in place a governance and stewardship process that assures consistent, de-duplicated data capture and storage. We offer clients the ability to dynamically synchronize master data, such as patient demographics, medical history and location across all organizational platforms, enabling concise analysis and forecasting. And we'll show you how to steward your data to keep it that way.

    Strategic and Advisory Services

    Staying ahead of healthcare changes is no easy task. Yet it is critical. Healthcare leaders' decisions affect people's health and lives. Integrity Informatics strategy consultants utilize their deep knowledge and broad experience to help healthcare executives make the right decisions for their organizations.

    Healthcare operations provide the foundation for quality care delivery. This is where Integrity Informatics' trusted advisors excel. Our strategy consultants are well known in the industry; many hail from military medicine and/or are former healthcare leaders.

    We can help you respond proactively and with solid data to the following forces:

  • Competitive
  • Regulatory
  • Technological
  • Cost, resource and operational constraints
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